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One source talent has even create a fake webpage with fake reviews...not a single bad or even mix review in the whole bunch. Check it out... />

I posted this comment...

"Everything about onesourcetalent is a scam even this fake webpage. The title at the top includes all the keywords that someone would search for to research the validity of onesourcetalent..."scam", "ripoff", "answer", "question", "reviews", "complaints", etc. The hope is that this is the first webpage to pop up on a search result, the victim would only read this page and think the onesourcetalent is amazing. Every review here is either a rave review of a leading question for additional rave reviews. There is not even a single mix review. Sounds too good to be true. A wise man once said that if it sounds too good to be probably is. My expectations are that as soon as I post this comment it will be deleted."

The immediate response from the website was..."your comment is awaiting moderation", which means they will delete it if they don't like it. It has probably already been deleted in the time it took to write this. HUGE SCAM. MAKES ME SICK!

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